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Setley Plain & Xmas Dinner - Sat 12 Dec 2015

Field event ID: HF1530

New Records:
New to HFRG: Arrhenia peltigerina

Daldinia fissa
Daldinia fissa
Photo © Nick Montegriffo

OS Grid areas: SZ3099

Report: A few members of the group visited Setley Plain prior to the Christmas meal. Some of the recent new finds on the gorse where still present including Irpex lacteus and the Lost and Found Kew project species Thryonectria roseovirens. Arrhenia peltigerina was a species new to the group to be found in Hamphire although curiously this was the third time it had been seen this year. It is an omphaloid species associated with Peltigera lichen as its name implies and was shown to a few group members on the field trip to Studland, Dorset a few weeks earlier. Following the visit Malcolm Storey visited the site at Blashford Lakes and found it again and now it has turned up on Setley Plain. There were only a couple of dozen previous records on the FRDBI. Despite the timing of the visit there was still a Russula to be found and Eric identified this to be the second Hampshire record for Russula plumbeobrunnea a species which was only first described in 2010. Geoffrey Kibby has a sort article and description in Field Mycology 13(3) describing how to distiguish it from Russula parazurea (Powdery Brittlegill). After the field trip members were joined by those who were only ‘Here for the beer’ at the Red Lion, Boldre for relaxing and once again enjoyble festive lunch. Our thanks to Alan for organising this yet again.

Species list

Arrhenia peltigerina, Bovista plumbea, Brevicellicium olivascens, Byssomerulius corium, Chondrostereum purpureum, Chromocyphella muscicola, Clathrus archeri, Clitocybe fragrans, Coniophora arida, Cylindrobasidium laeve, Daldinia fissa, Exidia saccharina, Flammulina velutipes var. velutipes, Geoglossum atropurpureum, Geoglossum umbratile, Gloeoporus taxicola, Hygrocybe ceracea, Hygrocybe coccinea, Hygrocybe conica, Hygrocybe miniata, Hygrocybe punicea, Hygrocybe russocoriacea, Hygrocybe virginea var. virginea, Irpex lacteus, Lycoperdon utriforme, Lyophyllum decastes, Merismodes fasciculata, Mycena pseudocorticola, Nectria cinnabarina, Octospora rutilans, Peniophora incarnata, Piptoporus betulinus, Polydesmia pruinosa, Pseudaleuria fibrillosa, Radulomyces confluens, Russula plumbeobrunnea, Stropharia semiglobata, Thyronectria roseovirens, Trametes versicolor, Tremella mesenterica, Trichoderma pulvinatum, Trochila ilicina, Tubulicrinis subulatus

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