Hampshire Fungus Recording Group

Documenting the Fungi of Hampshire

Peartree Green - Sat 26 Apr 2014

Field event ID: HF1402

New Records:
New to Britain: Thyronectria roseovirens
New to Hampshire: Tulasnella thelephorea, Schizophyllum amplum

Coprinellus impatiens
Coprinellus impatiens
Photo © Jon Stokes

OS Grid areas: SU4311

Weather: A clear day in a showery period of weather for the previous weeks.

Report: Unusually for the group we were exploring an area of open space in Southampton City following a request from the Council to help with a new biodiversity initiative they are undertaking. The area consisted of scrub, small clumps of trees and rough grassland. Fungi always bring surprises and today was no exception when a grey nondescript resupinate was thrown away when Paul was nowhere to be found. Paul’s sudden reappearence prompted a rescue operation of what turned out to be new Hampshire record of Tulasnella thelephorea. Inspection of an area of burnt gorse produced a small ascomycete which thanks to Sue following it up was finally identified as a new British species after help from Paul Cannon from Kew and Ascofrance. See Mattirolia roseovirens . There were very few agarics to be seen but amongst the grass was Coprinellus impatiens one of the Setulosi group of inkcaps and a clump of exceptionally pungent Calocybe gambosa St Georges Mushrooms - give me the smell of durian or ├ępoisses cheese any day! A small spinney of aspen produced two rare fungi - Schizophyllum amplum another new Hampshire record and Peniophora polygonia on the aspen which has only a few Hampshire records.

Species list

Bisporella citrina, Bolbitius titubans var. titubans, Byssomerulius corium, Calocybe gambosa, Coprinellus impatiens, Daldinia concentrica, Exidiopsis calcea, Hyphoderma cremeoalbum, Lachnella alboviolascens, Megalocystidium leucoxanthum, Peniophora polygonia, Phragmidium mucronatum, Schizophyllum amplum, Schizophyllum commune, Schizophyllum commune, Thyronectria roseovirens, Tulasnella thelephorea, Uromyces muscari

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