Hampshire Fungus Recording Group

Documenting the Fungi of Hampshire

Avon Forest South Park - Sat 2 May 2015

Field event ID: HF1504

New Records:
New to Dorset, VC11 and HFRG: Stylodothis puccinioides, Venturia ditricha
New to Dorset, HFRG Leptosporomyces galzinii, Hysterobrevium smilacis
New to HFRG Lophodermium pinastri

Parasola plicatilis
Parasola plicatilis
Photo © Stuart Skeates

OS Grid areas: SU1201 SU1202

Weather: Some showers in the preceding week but generally dry.

Report: Avon Heath is one of those areas that has changed counties over the years. Presently it is in the Dorset for administrative purposes but of course remains part of the Watsonian vice County of South Hampshire (11) which is why the group was visiting. The day found a select band to survey the area. As a consequence of the continuin dry weather there was a noticable absence of larger fungi with only the cap and stem fungi represented by Parasola plicatilis (Pleated Inkcap) and Polyporus tuberaster (Tuberous Polypore) which was not living up to its name - at least we couldn't find the tuber. There were several resupinates in evidence and Alan was pleased to find one new one for the group Leptosporomyces galzinii which will be added to the Hampshire Book in due course. Bryan has been surveying the gorse bushes in Dorset and today there was one new record for Dorset Stylodothis puccinioides. Bryan also found Hypoxylon fuscum on birch Betula pendula rather than the usual hazel Corylus The pine trees had some fine examples of Heterobasidium annosum (Root Rot) which although good for us to see it was not such good news for the trees.

Species list

Amphinema byssoides, Annulohypoxylon multiforme, Bjerkandera adusta, Botryobasidium conspersum, Botryohypochnus isabellinus, Byssomerulius corium, Chondrostereum purpureum, Colpoma quercinum, Dacrymyces capitatus, Daedaleopsis confragosa, Diatrypella favacea, Diatrypella quercina, Exidia saccharina, Fuscoporia ferrea, Heterobasidion annosum, Hypoxylon fuscum, Hysterobrevium smilacis, Lenzites betulina, Leptosphaeria acuta, Leptosporomyces galzinii, Lophodermium pinastri, Lycogala epidendrum, Parasola plicatilis, Peniophora incarnata, Peniophora quercina, Phanerochaete velutina, Phragmidium violaceum, Piptoporus betulinus, Polyporus tuberaster, Rhopographus filicinus, Skeletocutis amorpha, Skeletocutis vulgaris, Stereum hirsutum, Stereum sanguinolentum, Stylodothis puccinioides, Trametes versicolor, Trichaptum abietinum, Trichoderma pulvinatum, Venturia ditricha, Vuilleminia comedens, Xylaria hypoxylon

© Stuart Skeates 2006-19